Yana Linkova pastry chef

Laboratory of taste

Tasks: branding, positioning, slogan developing, brand identity development


Naming: Yana Chief. It was chosen and provided by the customer.

Positioning: #dessertcreator. It is a branded hashtag that gives a clear understanding of activity. It is made in modern style which is suited for SMM.

Slogan: Laboratory of taste.

Logo: it’s based on the structural formula of the serotonin molecule (natural endorphins). It is the component that is produced by the body when eating sweet, with a sufficient amount of this substance in the body a person becomes cheerful and blissful.
This element is also associated with tongs (tweezers) designed for decorating various desserts.

Шеф-кондитер Яна Линкова (Украина, г. Днепр)

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