The opening of HUMAN fitness club


Project tasks and goals: branded opening for existing and potential club customers. To recommend the club as an infrastructure of sports and leisure time find its client, create a precedent for the city as a whole and create must go event.

Target audience: club clients, public people of Dnepr city, business owners, top management, government representatives, families and seekers of like-minded people.

Guests: 1500+ people

Terms: 1 month of project preparation before the location changed, 5 days to prepare a new format for the project and search for a new location.

Project implementation:

HUMAN fitness club is the key to yourself, space for leisure time and sports. Implementing the HUMAN project, the agency has implemented several authorial tricks:

  • Scratch map 42 steps on the way to yourself where every guest of the club could find himself and solve internal barriers.
  • To implement the opening concept we started from the verbal messages of the club. The slogan was: ARE YOU HUMAN? The challenge we threw down to our city.
  • The opening enrolment was held online. The project structure before the location changing was: the club review, demonstration of partner areas, non-stop festival of music, mood and atmosphere. Within 5 days, the agency changed the location to a warehouse of 5000 m² and built a platform for a marathon-festival.

Event structure on a project day

  • Guests had the opportunity to see the club, a welcome area and a cortege of buses with flags awaiting visitors. The guests passed a small quest through the city and arrived at the location.
  • The warehouse in the industrial area was completely converted into a festival place: children’s area, partner areas, a gift area with lottery, interactive playgrounds, wine and brie session as loft type, cocktail menu from the chef, three photo locations.
  • Background music from: Vlad Karaschuk Trio (Kiev), CAPE COD feat Constantine (Kiev), DJ VIVA DIOR (Odessa), INWIRES band (Moscow).

The project efficiency:

publications in all city’s mass media, customers growth by 20% which was more than expected, the conclusion of partnership agreements on a commercial basis with partners to solve marketing problems, publication in PINK all-Ukrainian edition, a precedent that is still being talked about.

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