The book "Vedali" art-presentation

author Marian

Information about the customer:

Talented author Marian. The first edition of Vedali book.

Project tasks and goals:

to present the first creation, the first edition of the VEDALI author. Search for atmospheric location. PrePR event.

Guests: 350 people

Terms: 3 weeks

Project realization:

Our agency not only presented the book, but also had a direct relationship to the creation of it. That’s why the event had its own meaning for the team.

The project location was the Literary Pridneprovie Museum with an exhibition and poems presentation by Maxim Borodin.

For the book presentation a capsule collection with prints from the book was released by young designers from 7arrows.

Exhibitions, dance performance, sale of books, postcards, magnets and paintings, the wine and brie sessions and author’s energy left a huge mark in the hearts of readers and invited guests.

Арт- презентация книги «Ведали» автора Мариан

IMG_2182 (Copy)
IMG_2190 (Copy)
IMG_2335 (Copy)
IMG_2341 (Copy)
IMG_2272 (Copy)
IMG_2512 (Copy)
IMG_2397 (Copy)
IMG_2590 (Copy)
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