The 5-th anniversary of RGB idea group!

On October 16 we celebrated an important event for all team – the 5-th anniversary of RGB idea group!

5 years of continuous development, ups and downs, correction of errors and results achievement.

During this time we succeed to understand the main thing: every our project is the new meanings and effective solutions, developed with soul and from all the heart.

Our successes include the achievements of those people, who believed in us, who gifted their forces, minds and hearts.

Each RGB project is a combination of a fundamental idea, creative design, directing, effective solutions.

Each RGB client is an invaluable partner, with whom we create new senses and forms.

Today RGB is absolutely feminine energy! We are proud of every day, which we spent together, every brainstorm, project, idea. It’s not a matter of the product, which we do. It’s about the people for which we create! Here is a deposit of experience, reputation and results of 5 years!

RGB 5 лет


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