Team Bilding Grand Distribution 2015

The Last Hero

Information about the customer:

Grand Distribution is a large national holding company which occupies one of the leading places at the distribution market for FMCG in Ukraine.

The project:

an extreme tour
Project goals and tasks: to create and implement the concept of teambuilding with the elements of competition and entertainment.

Target audience: company’s top management
Guests: 70 people
Terms: 3 weeks

Project implementation:

Teambuilding based on the Last Hero program (American analogue of Survivor reality show)

Being aware of the company’s staff we thought over the quest actions as a means to achieve the surprise effect.

Each stage was more dangerous than the previous one. Nobody guessed that they would have to negotiate with the team and take some risks, show courage, ingenuity and logic.
We did piercing, worried about the participants of slacklining and overcame the vitamin B12 influence and etc.

Cool adrenaline emotions are always with Grand Distribution!

Grand Distribution

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