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Last year a great event was held – the VI Real Music Box Award. A world-wide show that attracts viewers with an innovative format and bright participants – pop stars. It is no less interesting to the audience, who and what is hidden outside the stage, and whose hands literally created everything that viewers enjoy. We will highlight the part that was touched during the award style design.

For a brand designer and event organizer, a music product is a sophisticated and deep story which you put your soul into. Here not only the issue of shades, but graphics and style is also relevant. Here, more important is the new approach and creative solutions. Such activities are associated with differences, characters, great stress, and unique people. But, always – where art borders with music – wait for a loud performance.

And although we create concepts and visuals for brands and events, here we have participated not only in the elaboration of general event style design. We also felt us a part of something big, walked along the red carpet, stood backstage and handed the award on the stage.

In this article, you will learn how awards visual identity was being created.

The wave of good luck

This is the case when the craving for knowledge and experience has given to us an excellent opportunity and amazing cooperation. We often go to study, and this time it was MACS. During this period, our friend and the person with whom we founded RGB, Aleksey Shelest, is a popular host in Moscow who works on the Russian MusicBox channel, said that the chief editor of the TV channel was looking for the partners who could make the Award event design. While going to that meeting we totally didn’t count on anything. Rather, it was curious to understand whether we are on the same page. And it turned out that way.

On the same wave

Needless to say how important it is to be on the same wavelength in this field? Probably, 80% here are intuition and humanity, as in love.

The first one we met with was Alabama Polorska – the chief editor of the Russian Music Box, a unique person whom we can talk about a lot. This is a person-explosion of colors, creative, interesting and very demanding. And Arusya Amaryan is a producer, no less interesting person. They looked at us with interest and seemed to be calculating the risks.

The task was to tell about the agency and show the works.

“And that day it was banal that the site with a portfolio did not work – I could not show the girls the scale of the agency. But on my inner charisma, I hope I managed to convey that we were the ones they need, ”says Tatiana Bogoslavskaya-Orel, managing partner and creative director of RGB. We were able to show only draft versions of the projects that were on the phone, to talk about the cases and our approach. This is similar to chemistry – we have just got the same sense of taste and at some point, they said: yes, you are the ones we need.

What happened

The slogan of the award is #НАВОЛНЕМУЗЫКИ. The style has already been developed, it was sent to us by mail. And this was the letter that you do not immediately believe. In the attachment, we saw posters for Leps, Ani Lorak, Dima Bilan, Nikolai Baskov, Olga Buzova, LOBODA, JahKhalib, Lolita – top artists! When you understand with whom and what you are working on now, how different the level of communication and material is, then a little excitement wakes up. When there is no turning back, you need to dive into this ocean.

Music Box


We just started doing what we can do best.

The first thing we did was disagreeing with the original style. Despite the fact that the first advertising materials had already been posted, we tried to convey our vision to guys. And here it coincided.

What we have done

  • For 2 days we generated a new identity – a deeper saturated ultraviolet, which was the trend Pantone of 2018, and implemented it as a sound wave, which organically formed the basis of the style.
  • The flow of the wave, like human characters, fully illustrates the gradient solutions, which have already been forgotten a little.
  • We started working with advertising materials, created posters for artists and emphasized the individuality of each with certain lines of colors, highlighting the silhouette solutions in the image. This move was so good, the artists even made reposts with their photos, which inspired even more.
  • We prepared the entire design content of the event: promotional materials, outdoor advertising, banners, art objects, the style of the statuette itself and the merchandising project.
  • Video production preparation – each nomination, the presentation of each artist was under our responsibility in online collaboration with the production director. We also used triangles in video content, revealing the facets of the artists’ music that they create, turning them into art.

Actually, the award style was born that way. The style quickly became the basis of the concept and “native”, with the team of the channel we worked on the same ideological impulse. We were very trusted, so the project was easy, although there was a lot of work on it. The situation was simplified by the fact that the guys listened to all recommendations absolutely and accepted our ideas with thirst. During the creation, we did not see the working group that made the project, and we actually met them at the event.

Raging Wave behind the Event Scenes

The event was scheduled for September 30 at Crocus City Hall. I would like to clarify that the independent group of channels MusicBox is a global music television network owned by the Dutch company Music Box Group. This channel is actively rotated in Europe.

For the guys, this was the sixth award ceremony, but this time there was a serious conflict, which nonetheless confirmed the independent status. It happened a week before the event and laid in the fact that the “Russian Media Group” began to threaten artists with a demand for refusal to participate. Finally, only few of the declared reached the scene.

The whole complexity of the project was that it was necessary to choose the winner in the nomination in 2 days because the nominee or his representative had to be present. To avoid deception of the viewer and not to cause a negative wave of the audience. It was real stress for all the participants and the working group. And we are fully witnesses of how the team worked overtime so that the event took place and passed at the highest level. This is a huge job, which nevertheless remains behind the scenes.

In a sign of gratitude and our partner coalition, we were honored to walk along the red carpet. Managing partner of RGB Tatyana Bogoslavskaya-Orel and Andrei Karpenko became the award handlers.

Here, too, everything was not very good, because we had to present the “Breakthrough of the Year” award – Maruv. But they set us up with one more award handler – TV presenter Sergey Druzhko, who was not permitted to enter our country for political reasons. And we, having arrived there, understood that we simply could not do it. Only by chance (it was decided just behind the scenes) Alabama made it so that we handed the main, the final nomination “Best Singer Gold” – Lolita.

“I have never experienced such feelings as behind the scenes in Crocus City Hall. Arriving in Moscow 4 years ago, I dreamt of standing on this stage and being able to touch the music product. I am a musician, and our whole team is directly related to music. Therefore, this project was a part of the soul. ”- Tatiana Bogoslavskaya-Orel.

What is the result

In our work, we always try to give our clients more than they expect. And this project justifies this fact – after all, this time even we also have received more. We are pleased with the work done. We were supported by Cosmopolitan journal – interviewed and asked about the project and the team. The heart is warmed by the best recommendations from the stars who participated in the event. For example, Sergei Zverev’s affirmation about how it all looked – that everything was at the MTV level.

It really was very beautiful, modern, trendy, personalized to the artist. We worked not just with style; we worked with personalities, with a new vision, we breathed life into forgotten decisions. And if every project, event, and its people are a mirror of us, then we are delighted with such a reflection.

Huge thanks to Alabama Polorska and Arus Amaryan for their trust.

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