Movie. Wine and New Year

The whole world is a movie, and the people are actors therein.

Objectives of the event: This First night became a metaphor between the attitude to life, the directing of own life movie and the main characters with their set of values. We revealed the borders of time, major and minor roles, created the atmosphere of the film festival and the wow-effect of the rebuilt location

Number of guests: 60 people

Duration: 2 months

Project implementation:

We chose the eternal classics – black and white color combination, which was supplemented with safe colors – red and gold.
Each film begins with pavilions and dressing rooms. Guests were greeted by pavilions, where they could feel like a star, retire or have fun.
CASTING – a shooting area where guests played a major role – themselves, because our life
is a movie, and we write our own story.
MAKE-UP ROOM – boudoir for visage, where everyone tried on different masks and roles.
Blazers, boas, glasses in the style of the 80s, colored wigs – everything for memorable
photos and even removable shoes with care for the guests of the evening.
CHILDREN’S ROOM is play area. It is optical illusion zone with character and activities. Pool with balls in which you can plunge into childhood.
SMOKING AREA is an area for men and conversations. Cigars, whiskey, a wall of gold bottles. It is closed and fenced. It serves as a lounge area.
NOSTALGIA is a zone of memories where guests looked into the past through old photos of
each other.
Involving guests in recording songs, shooting clips, integrating their preferences and hobbies into musical interactive sketches gave us the opportunity to create an event about THEM –
our dear guests.
Each clip is a new story, and all of them are a full-length film called “Life”.
Favorite songs sounded new. The guests of the evening became the heroes of their clips, and each presenter’s exit was presented with a conceptual screensaver that opened the block and carried the guests into the backstage.
All attention on the screen was collected by the new series of the program “Truth comes out of the mouths of babes with Andrei Karpenko”, where the young guests told about the New Year, Santa Claus and long-awaited gifts.

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