brewing co.

Tasks: branding, positioning, slogan developing, writing a brand story, brand identity developing


Naming: MOVA. The name is provided by the customer.

Positioning: brewing co. Brand itself represents a mixture of history, experience and culture of brewing. Creating a living history of craft connecting the consumer and the brand.

Slogan: Drink it, feel it, say it. The slogan containing a call-to-action. Sales promotion by engaging to interaction with the brand. The slogan has an impact on the consumer feelings together with association of naming.

Logo: hop in the logo is a symbol of fertility, development, youthful riot. It means diversity and variety of tastes, keeping the traditions and the desire for innovation.

Pattern: Morse code is one of the few universal languages in the world, for the first time used in branding.
The symbols m, o, v, a, which represent the letters of the brand name are encoded in the pattern.

MOVA brewing co.

Winter ESB (2)

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