Meat, please

Counter on Nagorniy

Tasks: naming, branding, positioning, brand identity development


Naming: Meat, please. Food naming with the specific features of the proposed product. The name is chosen as the translation for the main idea of the location.

Positioning: Counter on Nagornyi. This is the shop where you go for the most delicious pork tenderloin. A shop with a large assortment of any kind of meat. Gastronomic pleasure store.
Brand Meat, please suggests the creation of subbrands these are individual businesses, united by the idea of selling meat products. Well-targeted positioning will be able to distinguish subbrands for the consumer.

Logo: Meat as a symbol of rich abundance, strength, energy. The grill print is related to the method of cooking meat products. Logo visible image is a reminiscence of using a printed stamp as a symbol of crafting.

Pattern: Marble is a symbol of purity, good taste and quality assurance. Also associatively it is associated with the naturalness of production.

Мясо, пожалуйста


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