Let's Celebrate Life, Ladies & Gentlemen!

Old Love Songs

Event objectives: to take the guests back to the days of the “Blue Light” New Year’s show and to create a nostalgic atmosphere.

Number of guests:  140 people

Deadline: 4 months

Project implementation:

The buffet with a colourful Aunt Zoya was full with delicious food to cherish eye and stomach. She got the best snacks for the dearest guests, the “premium” sausage in the fridge and the tables set with white tablecloths for desserts to fit every taste!

“Each guest will be elegantly served,” said Aunt Zoya and repolished the wineglasses, but not so that they may attract the sight of the local pickpocket.

When the musicians are playing music for guests, the cardsharper twirls the thimbles and fingers through the deck cards.

All the evening, the Soviet pop stars sing the hits of youth and bring back fond memories, as, in fact, some old songs associate with fateful meetings, first kisses, first decisions that turned everything upside down.

The time with love music goes by so fast.

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