Independence Day 2017

Novomirgorod city. VELTA company

Information about the customer: the Ukrainian company VELTA is a producer of ilmenite concentrate by global standards.

Project goals and tasks: the opening of the city park area, chamber evening event, the concept of a day program that would involve the maximum number of the city residents.

Target audience: city residents

Guests: 3000 people

Terms: 1 month

Project implementation:

The Festival The city is a family. The country is a family.

This festival intended to create a dream card, a country card and a family card.

We prepared registration cards and the basis for a dream card

As a result: 1500 people involved in the process, complete relaxation and cards creation by the whole family in the park area, more than 350 cards that adorn the city, the implementation of the 1st dream by lottery by the customer company.

The Battle of the Choirs, the contest of Ukrainian traditional clothes and Nikita Rubchenko performance together with the ethno-symphony orchestra covered the audience with music and an atmosphere of pride for their city and country.

День Независимости 2017

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