Film producing school of Arus Amarian «NACHALO»

«START» in English version We go to school with «SRART», the START is given...

«NACHALO» project is a start and an ongoing process of one creative wave with the school curator and the practicing producer Arus Amarian.

Naming, brand, corporate ID, content are the framework of RGB IDEA GROUP.

This isn`t just an online school with lectures given by practicing experts in different fields; this is a project of love, a project of assessment of your personal skills.

Indeed, the first module “IDEA” was given by our team and represented by Tatyana Bogoslavskaya-Orel and Andrei Karpenko.

More about the structure of ideas, the importance of creativity, why the ideas in themselves are worthless, how to test your creativity.

Full immersion in the world of idea generating and brainstorming!

We had pleasure to develop the “NACHALO” brand and we are accompanying this project in terms of visual aesthetics up to now.

When you are trusted, you can find solutions to extra challenges.

Become a part of great history!

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