City Day of Miners. 2016/2017. VELTA Company

Fair-festival, sports competitions, culinary battles

Information about the customer: the Ukrainian company VELTA is a producer of ilmenite concentrate by global standards.

Project tasks and goals: Every year since 2011 the agency has been facing an increasingly difficult task: not only to create and implement a concert program for Metallurgist Day, but also to involve the city’s population in creating something common, cultural and public.

Target audience: Novomirgorod residents.

Guests: 4000 people

Terms: 2 months

Project implementation:

Fair-festival, sports competitions, culinary battles with Yevgeny Klopotenko (winner Master Chef-6), flashmobs with irreplaceable host Yuri Tkach, folk karaoke, holiday of holi colors, lottery with intellectual and household gifts, as well as Vitaly Kozlovsky and Tatyana Reshetnyak performances became the most anticipated event of each year.

День города горняков

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