Bar Mitzvah

Passage. Another reality

Project goals and tasks:

To create and implement the concept of the event, which would reflect the essence of the sacrament the Bar Mitzvah and would maximally show the transition from childhood to adult life of a man.

Guests: 60 people

Terms: 2 months

Project implementation:

Passage concept. Another reality was meant not only to surprise the guests of the celebration, but to become an event itself, to give an understanding “of what”, and it had to have completely comprehensible subtext for Bar Mitzvah.

We created two realities and divided the project into two ideological parts: the world of fairy tales, childhood, magic and the transition to a metropolis.

Each activity was carefully thought through and implemented.

Candles as a sacrament, vjing with the use of a crowd, huge skyscrapers as a reflection of growing up and life path. Author’s vocal and dance performances, a cake with clockwork, elements of Hogwarts, magic and interpretation of the hero of the day life story.

Guests were pleasantly surprised by the creative and non-standard solutions of the team-organizers.

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