Anniversary in Odessa!

Latest issue “Gennadii is 50”

Objectives of the event: convey the atmosphere of Odessa, the coloration of Privoz, turn a restaurant into a favorite Odessa courtyard, as if visiting a neighbor

Number of guests: 50 people

Duration:: 14 days

Project implementation:

The colorful scenery, Rosa Abramovna on the legendary Privoz, invites guests of the evening to taste dishes and taste drinks. Uncle Zhora is an accordion player who greets guests with heart and soul songs.
What is Odessa without a newspaper?
Small Gavrik sells newspapers, and gives good people a gift. The latest issue “Gennadii is 50” with news, life stories and short dossiers on some guests.
Sonya “Golden Pen” is walking around the hall, talking, reading his ballad, and telling humor. The “tricks” of the event were, first of all, the atmosphere, colorful decorations, properly selected art composition and musical accompaniment of the evening.

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