Agro Gaze

grow pro engineering

Tasks: naming, branding, positioning, brand identity development


Naming: Agro Gaze. The name which includes professional identification and features of the company’s activities.
The component part Agro emphasizes the classical perception of the area; Gaze focuses on the internal values of the enterprise.

Positioning: grow pro engineering. The main idea of intellectual activity for applying the scientific achievements to solve specific problems in the area of agricultural activities.
It is carried out through the implication of both scientific knowledge and practical experience to create useful processes and technical objects.

Logo: Within the framework of branding the traditional cultural symbol for the country-ordering party is applied in order to determine the difference between the product and the competitor product.
The cup-shaped form of the symbol serves as an archetypal receptacle, the space of it accumulates happiness.
Nine symbols situated in different directions represent the open-mindedness and various fields of company’s activity.

Agro Gaze


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